Thursday, November 4, 2010


Hello writers!

Since it's unofficially National any-sort-of-writing Month, and since I haven't seen it appear on the radar yet, I thought I'd bring up... poetry. Might I suggest NaPoWriMo (national poetry writing month)?

If any of you are poets, there are many resources for you out there. One resource I'd like to introduce you to, especially, is a book by Robert McDowell entitled, Poetry as Spiritual Practice. This book gives the amateur writer the basics of poetry, including a breakdown of its various forms (haiku, free verse, sestina, etc.). But it is also a helpful guide for those navigating through obstacles that every writer encounters. McDowell suggests that we approach the writing of poetry as we would a joyful ritual that enhances our connection to ourselves and to our world. His book's title aptly derives from his understanding of poetry as essentially spiritual in nature. Because writing is spiritual, several of the writing exercises he incorporates into the chapters are designed to help the writer become more open. In preface to one of such exercises, McDowell writes,
"Before you can break through to a state of centered grace from which the spiritual practice of poetry is possible, you must make a friend of your fears about poetry. You must make your fear a good teacher."
How do you approach poetry? Why do you write? What is your favorite poetic form, if any?What obstacles do you encounter most frequently as a poet and how do you overcome them?

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