Friday, December 10, 2010

Writing Competitions

Hello Writers!

Many of us write because we must. We write because there's something pressing on us to write, to express, to create. We write for ourselves. But not exclusively. Not always, at least. Sometimes the things we write are things we wish to tell the world. We want our voices to reverberate beyond the four walls of our bedroom, our office, our cozy nook. 

So what do we do? We enter writing contests! 

If any of you ambitious writers are looking for reputable places to submit your work, I have a few places to refer you. Most of these writing competitions are sponsored by Writer's Digest and Writers & Poets Magazine, both great writerly resources, with lots of information about the process of publishing your work. There's nothing to lose in submitting (well, alright--maybe $15, for an entry fee) and the simple act of submitting your work is a satisfaction in itself. At least it is for this gal.

So there ya go! Get writing! Get submitting! And if anybody has information about places you know are accepting writing submissions, feel free to share! One final thing--and yes, it's a shameless plug: If competition isn't your thing, there's always the lottery! Send me a comment on this post, to include your name in a drawing to win one of two great books!

1 comment:

  1. I would love to enter stories I write! So I will look into this over the holidays, thanks for sharing it and what 2 books are up in the drawing? I LOVE books almost more then my writing:-D



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