Sunday, January 2, 2011

Lessons Learned

One thing I've realized over the last year, is that all it takes for me to get my butt into gear, *most of the time*, is the need to feel productive. When I'm really being lazy, it's not as frustrating to discover that nothing I needed to do got done, as it is to feel purposeless. I blame Facebook, personally. But then-- that does no good, either. Playing the blame game does nothing to boost morale, and I should know. One thing I'd like to resolve to do this year is to immediately log off of Facebook or the Twat whenever I find myself staring blankly at that dialog box asking me what's on my mind. If nothing immediately comes to mind, it means I'm wasting my time. Time that would be better spent sorting socks or some other equally inane thing. I need to write, not micro-message!

That said, being productive need not entail conquering mountains of work. This is another thing I've realized to be true, for myself at least. Sometimes less is more. When I turn off my whiny self and just write, I find I have things to say, and all I really needed to do was get that one paragraph out.  That one paragraph can sometimes be sufficient to solidify an idea, give it some curves, and establish the basis for what's to come. It's amazing how such a small amount of effort--real effort-- can kick start the idea generators in our minds. So, if all it takes for me to feel more productive generally, is to start with a few words here and a few there, why do I whine about it--on Facebook!?

Here's to that first paragraph!

"Little by little, one walks far."


  1. Excellent thoughts, as per your usual *wink* I need to take my lead from you, today. I am very poor at making the most of my circumstances, and I use Facebook as a means to gripe about it. Can we say "unhealthy"?? So, today, I am going to put away the computer, snuggle up in my warm bed with my warm puppy, drink warm tea, and watch "Young Victoria". Did I mention I will be doing warm things today? Yes; it is insanely cold!!! Later, I might even fold socks.

  2. I agree completely - with the need to feel productive and with the less is more. Lately I've been writing little bits and pieces here and there - and that's all I can do but it gave me the productive boost!

    Great post.

    - Lauren

    Ladaisi Blog



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