Sunday, February 27, 2011

The First Ever Literary Legs Blog Hop!

Hey people, guess what? I'm launching the first ever Literary Legs' Bloghop! I'm doing it because I've been so, so blessed to meet so many wonderful people through the various networking adventures I've embarked on since starting this blog, and I want you all to have the same opportunity to meet people with similiar aspirations and interests. If you're a new writer or blogger--or even if you're not all that new-- I invite you to post a link (with the super-duper linky tool, below) to your website or blog and share what you're doing with me and other writer's here at Literary Legs! Let's get this blog hop started!

To get hoppin', simply click on the text that says "click here to enter," below, then follow the steps to link to your website or blog. You can upload a thumbnail icon if you like. Ready? Set...? Link!


  1. A perfect idea for a Sunday! I've never done one of these.

  2. This is great, thanks for the opportunity!

  3. Okay first off I am so impressed at your technological know how to create a linky thing...very nice!

    I love these. I am in.

  4. Ah, so now I know what this is, I'm excited! :)

  5. Awesome idea. :) I doubt I would have thought of something like this, especially making it so easy to create the links!

  6. Hey everybody, thanks so much for participating in today's blog hop! I think it's going to be a weekly meet and greet!

    And yes, I posted my own icon. Silly, I know, but I did have a good reason. My icon wasn't showing up for awhile on stuff, so I was testing it. Ha. It works, whadaya know. :)



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