Monday, February 21, 2011

The Glass Castle

So today I played hooky from class, because I absently picked up this book...
The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

...And I didn't put it down until about twenty minutes ago. This memoir by Jeannette Walls was the most captivating, heart-breaking, soul-lifting memoir I think I've ever read. I was supposed to be reading about forest management policies. Supposed to be researching cultural markers of Chicano literature for a ten page paper due in less than two weeks. But when a book claws its way into your soul like this, there's just no choice but to race to the end, and then cry when you've run out of pages to turn.

Which is what I did.


  1. Oooohh I meant to read this one. I'll have to order a copy now.

  2. Im scared I will cry and not be able to stop
    im weird like that

  3. I saw this book on Oprah one day and went right out to buy it (then I gave it away as a gifts for a long while:-)) If ever there was a book that reminded me of my parents in so many is this! Also this was the first book I noticed that I react out loud while reading:-p My newly wed hubby was scared to death sitting by me reading one evening as I screamed out loud to my deepest fear..That RAT scene:-}

  4. I saw it but hesitated..Since you liked it so much, I'll have to get it now from Amazon!



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