Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sweet Nothings

I've been doing a lot of writing lately. Of the academic sort. Until my brain stops forming thoughts in E Prime, here are some pretty things to look at.

all photos borrowed from Pinterest

I really want that manicure. Like, really. The lady who posted this pic on Pinterest said she was doing this with her sister, giving me the impression that one could do herself, if she wanted. I wanna find out how, so Google better put out!


  1. I love Pinterest, old ballet slippers, and wordy nails!!

  2. love the ballett shoes and im a little confused on this tattoo
    might you be able to explain it to me
    and the nail thing, being in the hairdesigner field I SHOULD KNOW HOW SHE DID THIS BUT i DONT, I have some thoughts on maybe how its done, might try it out. let us know.

  3. The tattoo is, I think, of dandylion seeds. Couldn't quite make out the writing, but loved the idea and placement of the tattoo.

    I did figure the nail art thing out. I guess you paint your nails with grey nail polish, soak them in alcohol (one girl used vodka), and then press newsprint onto the nails for a few seconds. Peel off the newsprint, then paint over with clearcoat. I plan on trying it soon. We'll see if it works.



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