Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Swiftly, swiftly!

Okay, I knowwww you're probably totally over my whole Vonnegut thing, but give me just one more post. Just one, I promise!

Here's the deal...

I thought this online class I'm taking was going to continue over a much longer span of time than it is. I'm used to the whole semester thing. You all should know, that I'm really NOT a digitial native (a "digital native" is a term that one of my Sociology professors uses for that type of person whom you're sure was born with a 4G smartphone in their hand. You all know somebody like this, right?) and this is only the second time I've taken an online course. My first online learning attempt was an online algebra course and it was a disaster. One of the crazy things about online courses, at least for me, is that ya never quite know what's going on. I mean, it's kind of amazing that I keep up on this blogging gig, honestly, because there are days that it just doesn't even occur to me to check my e.mail!

Well, two days ago I check the online discussion board and realize that the expiration date on English 448 is coming up fast! Things are kicking into high gear, and my professor is remarking on the fact that we're half-way through the course! Half-way? Really?

Long story short, I'm supposed to be brainstorming for my final paper. Already.

I have an idea, but...I'm a little sketchy on it.

What if I write a paper making a dynamic comparison between Kurt Vonnegut and Jonathan Swift? Think about it--both guys were very politically conscious, but also a little jaded. Both of them were incredile satirists. Both of them introduced an element of the surreal into their work. I'm thinking of how Vonnegut's portrayal of human progress and society compare with works like Gulliver's Travels, for instance. I'm interested in how each author compares on the issue of human nature and meaning.

Hilarity from Gulliver's Travels.

Does it sound feasible?


  1. I think you could definitely pull this off. There are so many examples from just one or two works alone that you could use to compare and contrast here. Also the satire gives it a bit of an edge - and makes it fun to boot!

  2. God this takes me back to my Psychology degree - If I actually read the stuff I entered and then Id never understand a damn word of it now - such a waste of learning, although I loved and cherish the experience. I wish the brain could better retain! ;D

    In answer to your question - I have no idea, but you sounded enthusiastic and informed - both excellent ingredients to make the very best of literary cakes! ;D Shah. Oh, good luck!!



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