Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Self-Publishing Pariahs.

Today I received this book in the mail...

...along with a lot of other literature about this Andy Baldwin guy's company, "Bookstand Publishing." I requested this free book online somewhere when I was doing research on the self-publishing process. I guess I didn't look very thoroughly into this particular company before ordering it or perhaps I ordered it before I found out that any print-on-demand publishing company that doesn't allow you, the author, to take 100% of royalties on your own work is bad news bears. This company wants 70% of all printed book sales and 50% of all PDF sales. Not happening!

Considering that self publishing, as the term implies, is essentially the author fronting the cost to a print-on-demand company and possibly to some author services company or other to publish his or her own work, doesn't it seem just a little strange that the POD company should then ask said author to purchase his or her own book at a "wholesale" cost AND ask for a huge cut on profits? It's like saying, "well, since you wrote it, I guess we'll give you a discount. And I guess we'll give you a small slice of the pie when you sell a copy to somebody else." What? No, I wrote the thing. I'm marketing and selling it. And I'm going to get all the money for it. Thank you very much.

In other news. I've received three more rejection letters from various literary journals. All of which are now proudly tacked on to the corkboard reserved for just such correspondences. Le sigh. 


  1. Laura, would you say this is an informative book? I'm looking into self-pubbing a small non-fic wip soon. Please let me know!

    I wish you all my best for finding an agent. It's tough, I know all too well. Keep on, keeping on!

    Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my Little A. book!

  2. Hmph, well, bummer.

    I really believe self-publishing is the way of the future - it should get easier right? Just keep writing and things will happen! You have a beautiful voice, so don't stop yourself from using it.

  3. Candy, honestly I haven't finished the book yet. I got into the additional literature that came with the book and was upset that the guy who wrote the book (he's also the owner of Bookstand Publishing) doesn't seem to think an author should keep 100% of royalties. I really think that should be a given. But then, print on demand publishing companies need to make a buck, too. I've heard things on both sides. Maybe I'm being naive to think I, as an author, shouldn't share the pie. I will definitely let you know more as I figure it all out. And thanks for the good wishes!

    Lauren, I really, really appreciate your encouragement! It means a lot to me! Say happy birthday to your adorable four year old for me!!!

  4. I think it looks like a very interesting book! (once you get it all figured it out then you will have to explain it to me....I think it's confusing in profits to whom. Like in music or a movie I think publishing our writing is full of rules and other people's pockets:-} Really I ask what is fair? then I am still confused)

  5. Vanity presses (which is what this sounds like) are a joke, I find. Self-publishing is the way to go for a lot of writers these days, you just have to find the right avenue/niche.

    Good luck though, and keep plugging away.

  6. Thanks, Magen, I appreciate it!



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