Monday, January 16, 2012

Celebrating MLK Day!

My friend, Brooke, is an extremely talented artist. She is currently a volunteer assistant teacher's aid at a disadvantaged elementary school in Idaho, working with Americorps. The following art piece was designed and constructed by Brooke for a fundraising event in honor of Martin Luther King Day. Please take a moment to appreciate everything that this man accomplished for civil rights and equality.

"instead of thinking that you put pieces together that will add up to
a whole, I think you have to start with the premise that they're already together,
and try to keep from destroying life by segmenting it, over-organizingit, and
dehumanizing it." - Myles Horton

Fiished project, currently on display at the Flying M Coffee House in Nampa, Idaho.

The project could raise at least $250 for the Future Hispanic Leaders of America scholarship
to help a local Hispanic student obtain a GED or attend college.

Check out the Idaho Press Tribune's column on the exhibit as well as their interview with Brooke, HERE

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