Friday, January 13, 2012

Your New Amazon Associate!

Hey peeps,

As of last week, I am an Amazon Associate. This is really pretty cool, because it means that I can now direct you to stuff I think you'll like in my sidebar, which I've already done. Take a look!

Omnivoracious is Amazon's all-things-literary blog. There's some really fun posts going up all the time. So take a look through, read, and comment! Also scroll through the widget labeled "My Picks." I've hand selected some things every bookworm needs!

And here is the deal of the day:

Among the Gently Mad; Strategies and Perspectives of a Book-Hunter in the 21st Century is a truly excellent book by Nicholas A. Basbanes for the book collector. I want this book! In this volume, Basbanes deals with both the traditional methods of acquisition and the electronic tools now available on the Internet.

click above!

"Sharing the superb insight he has gathered from booksellers over the years, Nicholas Basbanes offers a refresher course on the fundamentals that endure, while questioning certain practices of doubtful validity. Topics include how to determine if a book is a first edition, how to spot book club editions, the importance of dust jackets, scouting the flea markets, how to work the book fairs, and the importance of handling the goods, as well as discussing less tangible issues like spotting trends and having a focus. Then he takes a long look at the pros and cons of Internet buying, illuminating how you can use these electronic tools to your advantage and making this the book no modern collector will want to be without."

Sounds cool, yes? Anybody wanna click on the link and purchase this book for me?? Don't all volunteer at once, now...

Seriously, though, if you DO click on the little banner thingy, either to read Amazon's book blog or to purchase Basbanes' book or any other item, you'll be doing me a small favor. I'll get a small monetary return, and this blog will be just a little bit better!

The products you see from Amazon will change from time to time here at Literary Legs. So stay tuned. And use that clicker!


  1. Congrats! :) I hope you get lots of clicks :) I'll be sure to go to Amazon via your site from now on, any time I need to buy something ;)

  2. HI Laura!

    Post your book suggestions all the time please! I have spent hundreds on Amazon and I would love to help you out. I'm sure I will like the books that you recommend.

    cheers cheers


  3. Lol LMAO that sounded a little snobby, I meant I buy all my books from Amazon, not that I have hundreds to spend all at once!

  4. Hi Abbi, that's great! I'll definitely update from time to time! I totally understood what you meant! lol :)



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