Sunday, February 26, 2012

...It Could be a Velociraptor.

This year my husband and I are going to be celebrating a couple milestones. First, we'll be celebrating our 5-year anniversary. That's a whole half a decade, married to my best friend! The years have flown! It seems like yesterday that we said "I do." Second, we're excited to announce that we're going to be first-time parents in October! That's right, "We're Expecting!"

....I hope it's a baby. :)


  1. I was the first to know AND the first to comment - how about THAT?? :P

  2. I hope it's a baby too, haha!

    And congratulations!

    This is a wonderfully exciting journey you're embarking on ... plus imagine all the inspiration it'll give you for writing (endless, I promise).

  3. Congratulations!!! For the anniversary and the exciting expectation!

    P.S. The velociraptor comment/concept was hilarious!



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