Wednesday, June 13, 2012

10 Things I Learned in the first 20 weeks

Here are a few fun things I've learned since becoming prego.

1. Forget finals week of the term I was taking 21 credits and working 30 hours a week; ya don't know TIRED until you're 10 weeks into a pregnancy. At least my pregnancy.

2. People start asking you, in somewhat of a panic, it seems, if you're going to "find out the gender" almost upon discovering you're prego! I almost wanted to tell them it was going to be a suprise, just to see if their seeming anxiety was for real.

3. Never got acne as a teenager? You're not immune. Your pregnant face might look like one of those "before" pictures they show on TV, advertising Acutane.

4. Shopping becomes a very depressing, demoralizing experience around 20 weeks and people in the stores look at you with that "is she...? No, I don't think...well, maybe?" look. Usually those people are skinny girls in designer jeans.

5. "Prenatal care" pretty much consists of monthly appointments that serve no other purpose than to step on a scale and be reprimanded for your weight. (or so it seems) (Try not to go shopping the day before one of these appointments is scheduled.)

6. An occasional glass of wine after the first trimester will not hurt your baby. In fact, it might just help! (*gasp,* *protest,* *faint!*)

7. Everybody has a delivery horror story. And they have a deep, sociopathic need to tell such stories to pregnant women.

8. Around 18 weeks, all that curiousity about what the gender of your child is rubs off on you. You find that you simply MUST spend too much money on a gimicky test that consists of peeing into a cup with strange little crystals in it to determine whether your baby is a girl or a boy...even though the ultrasound is 2 weeks away.

9. About half way through your pregnancy, your belly button starts to hurt and you start to wonder if your innie is going to become an outie.

10. You realize half-way through writing a blog post about all the funny things you've learned since becoming pregnant that it's happened--it's too late-- you've become a "mommy blogger." You commence going through the necessary steps to deal with this realization: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally--acceptance. ;)


  1. Awe there are worse things than becoming a Mommy blogger. Love it Laura!

  2. I totally get what you're saying ... especially the tired bit, and the 'is she or is she not pregnant' bit, and the stupid prenatal appointments - I skipped all of mine until the sixth month. No matter what those mom's say about pregnancy being wonderful - and it is - it's TOUGH! Don't let yourself forget how beautiful you are as a mama though. It will be something that defines you.

  3. I loved number 6. An occasional glass of wine after the first trimester will not hurt your baby. In fact, it might just help! (*gasp,* *protest,* *faint!*)

    Hahahaha Red wine and red meat are not going to hurt your baby, in fact you could give birth to a super hero with magical powers if ya eat and drink like that:-D

    Stay strong Girl!



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