Monday, November 26, 2012

Como Tomo | Product Review

Hey guys!

I have another product review for you today! I received two great baby bottles from Como Tomo a few months ago, and have just recently been able to test them out. Como Tomo is a company that specializes in baby feeding products.

Here's what the company says about their bottles:

"Our bottles were specially designed for today's busy and conscientious moms. Unlike conventional bottles, babies fall in love with the natural design that mimics breast-feeding. Our customers rave about how easily their little ones latch on to our bottles without any fuss. We use highest quality medical grade silicone that is not only safe from toxic chemicals, but also soft and soothing to touch. Moreover, the wide neck design of our bottles allows for simple and easy cleaning without those unsanitary brushes, and our innovative anti-colic valves truly work, and are leak free."

My take:

I do like these bottles. I especially like the soft, squishy silicone feel, not only of the nipple, but of the whole body. It's easy to hold and a gentle squeeze of the bottle releases a tiny bit of milk to encourage feeding. As the company promised, Silas had no trouble latching on, even though he'd only ever nursed at the breast before we tried these bottles. Admittedly, he was a bit weirded out at first and he gave me a look. These bottles are a great alternative to breastfeeding when the situation demands. To test these bottles out, for just such an occasion, I used my Madela breast pump, and filled the bottle with breast milk. Como Tomo gives it a fair go and they do pretty well, but Silas and I agree--the boob is better. ;)

Honestly, I didn't realize how much I liked these bottles until I tried out a couple other brands afterward. It's Como Tomo's wide neck and soft silicone that charms me, and other bottles just don't feel as intuitive and comfortable in my hands.

I also like that this bottles comes in two sizes, a 5 oz and an 8 oz. The 5 oz bottle has only one hole in the top of the nipple for a "slow flow." The larger model has two holes for a faster milk flow.

But my favorite thing about these bottles? The fact that Daddy is able to experience the fun of feeding our little gladiator. :)

You can find Como Tomo bottles from their site (see link above). They are also available on Amazon

I received the product described above for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own, and may differ from the opinions of others. This post is in compliance with FTC regulation.


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  2. Great review! If I need to use a bottle again, I will have to get one of these. Serenity hated the NUK Trendline I got, and she wouldn't even touch the Gerber. That was a rough weekend! Anyway, glad it worked out, and glad you liked your pump! :)



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