Friday, August 2, 2013

One Proud Auntie!

Something is in the water, I'm sure of it. Not only did a million people get pregnant round about 9 months ago, but they all decided to have their little ones at the same time. Three ladies I know had babies in the last two days! One of those ladies was my sister, which makes me an incredibly proud and excited aunt!

So congratulations, Levi Family, on the new addition! Esther Justine Levi is a sweet, beautiful baby girl and she's going to get A LOT of lovin' from her aunt, uncle, and cousin over here in Oregon!

please do not copy!

Now, the hubs is cringing, because all I've been doing all day long is shopping online for little girl clothes and picking out things to purchase for this tiny bundle of sweetness! I tell him constantly that if we have a little girl someday (soon-ish?) it'll all be over for us, financially, because just like our fashionable little dude in his surfer T's and over-priced OshKosh B' Gosh, that girl is going to rock all the frills!

1 comment:

  1. She's beautiful ♥ And I know what you mean; even with a daughter, I find myself wanting to buy all the pretty things for my nieces (heck, and for my daughter)!



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