Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Projects Complete!

Isn't it nice when a project that has been in the works for a long time finally comes together? Well I've a little story about a project that narrowly escaped destruction and was completed by your's truly earlier this week.

This little pretty almost never was.

Wicker Lace Cowl / Capelet

I started her almost 4 months ago, all gung ho for the challenge. Knitting a lace pattern is tedious work and requires a lot of concentration and large blocks of uninterrupted time. And because I am somehow delusional enough to believe I am capable of simultaneously following intricate lace charts and caring for a teething/crawling/pooping/nursing 6-9 month old child, I went for it. Fast forward 4 months. I discover a nearly completed piece stashed in a box waiting for its moment to shine. Only, I don't want to give it that moment. Frankly, the tangle of yarn and circular needles looked like a thing gone completely wrong--and I had emotionally broken up with the project, rebounding with a flirtatious cable knit hat that promised an easier time! But I examined the jumble and decided to be reasonable. It required just another few hours' love and attention, so...I sighed and went to work, not hoping for much. But as I bound off the last few stitches, the thing transformed in my hands. Amazing! See what a little commitment will do for a relationship? (That floozy hat is now on my back burner, btw).

Do you like? Handcrafted things are always cooler when they come with a story, so there you have it. If you're a knitting buff, you can visit my Ravelry profile and check out the stats (needle guage, yarn, my notes on the project, etc.) You can check out other knit things I've done there, too. The Wicker Lace Cowl/Capelet is also for sale in my Etsy shop!

Any knitters out there? What are you going steady with at the moment? ;)

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  1. It's really pretty, I'm glad you finished it (and I love your relationship imagery, lol)! I've always loved off the shoulder lace cowls like that, but I can't wear them with my sloped shoulders. It looks gorgeous on you, though!



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