Sunday, September 15, 2013

An Announcement!

Well, we're back from our little mini vacation. It was an awesome three days of catching up with family and folks we haven't seen in a very long time, but it was busy and it went by in a flash. We're all kind of tired and road weary today, after the long drive back. Note: driving 9 hours one way with an 11 month old is only for the stout of heart!

Silas was able to meet four little cousins, five aunts, two sets of grandparents, two great-grandmas, and one great-grandfather. He also had his [almost] one year birthday photo shoot, inherited lots of toys, ate a lot mashed potatoes and blueberries, cut a tooth, got to see dogs, chickens, cows, and goats (even got to pet some of those), and graduated to a big-boy car seat! It was a big week for us, but probably an epic week for him.

His mom and dad also had a fun time breaking some big news....

Yes, that's right. We're preparing for Baby Page 2.0. Telling family was fun, but telling everybody else can be sort of awkward, especially if it has to be mostly via social media, so I found a solution. A picture's worth a thousand words, they say, so here is our pregnancy announcement! I'm in love with it!

And yes, the tykes are going to be close in age. 18 months apart, to be exact, probably just avoiding too close. We're happy with it, though. They'll be partners in crime!

We're leaning toward keeping the gender a surprise this time 'round, but that doesn't stop me from dreaming in pink. Follow along with the day-dreams, on my Pinterest board, if you like!

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  1. Congratulations, Pages! We're very happy for you ♥
    ~Nick, Alena & Serenity



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