Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Look What I've Become!

The other night, after I put my babe down for bed--Well, actually BOTH my babes, since Daddy was fast asleep too, having had a rough day at work-- I realized it was just me and a very quiet house.

I haven't really watched much on TV the last couple of months. I go in phases, really. Sometimes I'm a television/movie junkie and other times it just doesn't appeal to me. But it had been a long time, and there were a few movies in the queue that I'd been wanting to see, so I logged on to our Netflix account and landed on the movie "The Hours," the one with Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore, and Meryl Streep, based loosely on the life and writings of Virginia Woolf.

It was terrible. Brilliant acting, great story-line, interesting thematic presentation...but terrible. Because (spoiler alert!) a mother abandons her children in that movie and one of the children, a sad, wide-eyed little boy, grows up to be a sad, wide-eyed, sick man. And it was just too much. Before I became a mother, I might have really enjoyed the movie. I might have shed a few tears because it's a sad flick...but I probably wouldn't have sat there, like I was, hopelessly bawling into a skein of yarn.

Look what I've become.

All I can say is, motherhood isn't for the sissies. I'm just hoping that by the time Silas is ready for Kindergarten, I'll be LESS of a sissy. 

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