Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hi again!

Just a quick little check-in, here, as I see it's been awhile. My poor little blog, it just doesn't get the attention it needs. Alexa is sad, page-rank is sad, page-views are sad. Oh well...too much on my plate to be the wicked-cool lifestyle blogger that I see others being. And that's okay.

My life...

I'm doing some other wicked-cool things, so I feel okay. First off, I'm baking a little bun in the oven, which DOES feel like work, yo. This one has a dance party in my womb every single day. Silas wasn't as cantankerous, lemme tell ya. It feels like baby Page no. 2 has a few more limbs than is normal. Also, I have twins on the brain. No worries, though--just my neuroticism. No, we haven't gotten a scan, so technically we don't know, but logic says I'd be wayyy bigger if I were carrying two little troublemakers. Also, none of the other indicators are there. Just a niggling little thing in my head. Had it with Silas too, just in case any of you are wont to say it's my intuition kicking in. Haha. Naw, I just am sort of obsessed with the idea, ya know?

I'm writing again, and getting published! One of my poems is forthcoming in TINGE magazine, Temple University's online lit journal out of their awesome MFA program! Stoked about that! Stay tuned. The issue comes out on Dec. 15th and I'll throw the link up under the "publications" tab then.

Addendum! I was just contacted by an admin guy from Bohemian Pupil Press. Looks like I am going to have the honor of guest editing vol.2.9 of Dead Flowers: A Poetry Rag in April! This means I actually get to select the poetry to be featured in this issue--about 12 poems--and write an essay about why I made the selections I made! Say what?!

I'm working.  Just a seasonal gig that I think I mentioned in my last post. It's okay. I'm almost full time, inputting data in the mail order department at the fruit and gift basket company Harry & David. Brought home my first paycheck the other day, which, after more than a year out of the workforce, felt pretty nice. I only have a week or two left at most, so it'll be short lived, but it helps. Especially now, around the holidays.

Here's some other random miscellaneous things, in picture form. In no particular order...

a weekend breakfast :)

portrait of my son, by my talented photographer sis!

a scarf I knit that took FOREVER....

my first successful batch of sea-salted caramels! To die for.

These things again. Seriously, pretty much the only thing I sell in my shop! 

I'm not sure when my next post will be. Maybe after the new year? I do try to have some tricks up my sleeve as far as planning things in honor of new beginnings, so...stay tuned!


  1. Congratulations on the publication, and especially on being chosen to edit the poetry journal. That's fantastic! ♥

  2. Thank you! I'm blown away by it all and very excited to be writing again!

    1. I'm sure! Also, that picture of Silas is adorable. ♥



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