Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Pregnancy Update

'ello again. :)

So it's just going to be a quick update on the life and times of the Page family, this time. Nothin' too special.

We're marveling right now about how fast time flies! While I've done my share of whining about this pregnancy and how I'll be pregnant FOREVER (this started around 5 months, fiy), it really has gone by fast in retrospect. I'm due in a little over a month. Well, closer to 2 months I guess. This is (assuming no surprises down the road) our last child, so I know I should just chill out. I should try to enjoy all the cool little things about pregnancy. Like the daily dance party in my womb. Seriously, this kid can kick! And...and...well, darn. I don't know what else. This pregnancy has come with headaches and heartburn and back pain and hip pain and braxton hicks. And those are just....less endearing.

Lately, the nesting stage has begun to set in. I have only one question, which I would like to address to mother nature on this topic: why, oh WHY does the "nesting stage" and the "beached whale stage" seem to coincide?! My mental resolve is there and my inner super-mom is pumping her fist crying "clean all the things!!!" However, my 7.5 month pregnant body is grumbling, "you seriously want me to bend over and pick up all those things?" or "you want me to climb where?" or "you want me to move what?" Ahh, well. I'm doing it. Slowly, but surely, this place will be ready for baby Page #2.

And yes, to the chagrin of many, it's still just #2 right now. We decided to let gender be a surprise. This means we have to come up with acceptable boy AND girl names. That has been a challenge. My husband likes only 3 names in the history of child naming. These are as follows: Laertes (it's Greek), Charlemagne, or Lilly.  Oh, yeah. He said he might also settle for Euremikas (it's Greek).

I'm thinking Emmett for a boy. Olive for a girl. We have a few weeks left to battle it out. ;)

Also....for those who have asked: We're not doing a shower for this one, but I do have just a few items listed on a baby registry if anybody is interested in checking that out. These are items we didn't get for Silas, but in hindsight, would have been super nice to have. Here's the link.

That was mostly just a pregnancy update, but that is kind of what's preoccupying our lives at the moment, so I'll leave you with that for now. Hope it was enlightening. In the next week or two, I might post some thoughts on some things I've been reading. (Here's a sneak!)

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