Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Where do you write?

Question: where do you write? Where is the place you are most comfortable spreading out your thoughts and breathing life into poetry or prose? Why so? Do you have just one place, or can you work in many places?

As the new year approaches, I've been thinking (overthinking) about how I'll start my novel. I have many ideas bubbling up, but I'm not looking forward to that first paragraph. I want words to flow easily, but if writing were easy, well... I don't know. The first thing to think about, for me, is finding a place to write. I find that I'm very prone to distractions, and I want to find a nook that will be conducive to my focus. I'd love to hear where you all write, when you write. I'm insatiably curious!

Poets & Writer's Magazine columnist Alexandra Enders, wrote an elegant piece describing this very thing. Ya'll should read the article, if you have the chance!

Conrad Aiken worked at a refectory table in the dining room,

Robert Graves wrote in a room furnished only with objects made by hand.

Ernest Hemingway wrote standing up

William Maxwell preferred "small messy rooms that don't look out on anything interesting."

where do you write?


  1. I write with the lap top resting on the arm of my couch with a fuzzy blanket and my dog usually laying on my tucked up feet. In the dark of night with only the glow of my Christmas lights or in the late mornings with warm sun shine, always the same spot on the couch. I write best when I am completely alone, well the cat and dog don't count:-D

  2. I like to write longhand in my notebook on the couch, while listening to movies or documentaries, or maybe in a restaurant over lunch. The background noise helps me relax. When I'm typing, especially when I'm editing, I usually need to be alone, or at least in a quiet space.

  3. I usually like to write in places where I can also people-watch. Coffee shops that are not too crowded usually do the trick. When I'm not out, I'm like Deb, and like comfortable solitude.

    Thanks for sharing, ladies!

  4. I write at my office before the work day has started. It's quiet and lends itself to few distractions. Until, you know, work starts and gets in the way.

  5. As I only have one room I can call "home", I write laying on my bed with my laptop propped on my knees. It's not ideal, but it works for now. In my fantasy, I have a deep window seat, looking out over woods or fields. I imagine reclining amidst large pillows, snuggled under a thick, warm blanket. I would still type - longhand is romantic, but the arthritus in my fingers prohibits such luxury. I imagine this nook tucked in the eves of an attic office, fireplace crackling across the room, deep crimson carpet covering barnwood floors. Hand-sewn lampshades, soft mood lighting; a simple desk and hundreds of books.

  6. Oh my god, Alena! You just transported me to that place! And now I want a writing nook exactly like that! It sounds so peaceful and comforting! I especially like the hand-sewn lampshades bit!



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