Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My list

Yesterday I talked about making lists. I thought I'd post mine for you all. These are not in any particular order of priority or chronology.

Laura's Top 20

  1. Write prolifically and get published.
  2. Get into grad school in the next 2-3 years (and work hard to secure a full ride scholarship. It CAN be done)!
  3. Start a family
  4. Perfect my Francaise
  5. Read War and Peace by Tolstoy
  6. Visit the Willamette Valley vineyards
  7. Go snowshoeing  (Haven't done it YET, but I just signed up for a snowshoe day hike!!)
  8. Grow and grind my own whole wheat flour
  9. Become more assertive
  10. Own two Wiemeraner dogs
  11. Buy a house in the next five years
  12. Learn yoga
  13. Get six-pack abs
  14. Play the piano regularly
  15. Plant roses
  16. Earn a sommelier's certificate
  17. Laugh more
  18. Pick up a new hobby--I'd like to start collected vintage paper dolls. 'Cause I'm weird like that.
  19. Make perfect fudge (Did it this past Christmas!)
  20. Mentor a child
There ya have it! I'm excited!


  1. I would suggest getting six pack abs before starting a family. :)
    I have no doubt that you will accomplish each of these things you have listed!

  2. I think your list is perfect. And completely do-able.

    I'm happy to see I'm not the only one writing up lists that mix things like go to grad school and start a family with visiting vineyards and collecting paperdolls. Another blogger (and stranger, I might add) once wrote an entire post about me and my goals, mocking how I put getting my master's degree next to learning to play tennis and going to an outdoor black and white movie.

    I told her that most of life is composed of the small things, otherwise we wouldn't really live.

    And I think collecting paperdolls isn't weird at all. It's perfectly unique.

  3. Grind your own wheat! I love that one...and want to see pictures!

  4. Thanks, guys!

    Lauren, you're right. Life is composed of the small stuff. And they are what makes life delightful, sometimes.

    Valerie, my husband just bought a package of organic wheat berries and ground them up in our coffee grinder a few days ago. He did that after reading about how wheat that is commercially processed loses a lot of it's nutrients. That's why we started thinking about growing and grinding our own. We hope to have that house someday with enough acreage to grow some wheat and have a nice garden! Someday...someday!



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