Monday, January 17, 2011

To-Do Lists

Question: Do you have life goals? Specific ones? Short term and long term?

Making a "To-do" list of stuff I'd like to accomplish over the next few years is something I've had on my mind all day today. I have a few specific goals, like getting into grad school and getting published. But I'd like to make a more fleshed-out list of things that would include those things, but also other things, like going snowshoeing, getting a tattoo, reading more Tolstoy. And actually writing all these things down seems like a good idea. Writing them down would make it more clear, more solid.

The reason I'm thinking about this, is because I read a blog post at Life 4 Me by Me talking about this very thing, and it was refreshing. It's true that staying focused on our goals can be a difficult thing, whether these goals are big or small. We all want to go out there and get it, but, well, you remember that blog post about tofu? Sometimes we need a kick in the pants, or life is simply checking off items on its own list of tricks or setbacks to foists on us sometimes. I'm in the "kick-in-the-pants" camp more often than not. And I guess that's why this blogger's list was inspiring. She's doing stuff. She's rolling up her sleeves, and getting it--for herself.

Do you have a list?

I'm going to start working on mine.


  1. It is astonishing how much we have in common.

    A few of my goals have been to get into grad school (which I did, and couldn't justify going at the time because of my lack of funding), get published (working towards that goal), and get my tattoo (I actually just finished drawing what I think I want - this time for real!)

    I also read that post by V. Furnas and was inspired.

    SO . . . from one extremely like-minded person to another . . . I hope you obtain all of your goals! And also that you can enjoy your life in the process - after all, the journey is the destination, right?

    - Lauren

    PS I am getting my tattoo this year. We should keep each other accountable at least for that little thing.

    Ladaisi Blog

  2. You ladies make me blush!

    It is the process. I need direction or I am a wreck. Pitiful, maybe. Plus it is fun...

    Thank you for link!

  3. Yay, I'm so glad that both of you ladies commented here! Lauren, we're kindred spirits, it's a fact!

    I'm like Valerie, too; Direction and structure are necessities in my life. I wrote my best short story a few years ago, because I was pushed and prodded by a wonderful instructor. i enjoyed each step of the process and was able to reflect on it in a way I am not often able to.

    Here's to the process and here's to checking off items on the lists!



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