Thursday, January 27, 2011


Today I rolled out of bed, took a look in the mirror, then seriously considered crawling back  into bed again, because my comfy sheets don't judge. Ever have one of those days? I didn't get back in bed. Instead I groggily took a stiff cup of joe to the 'puter and plunked down to check my e.mail. To the surprise of my pajama'ed, puffy-eyed self, I discovered that I'd won a blog award!! Not just any blog award--the "Stylish Blogger Award!" 

Many, many thanks to Miss Alena Belleque over at "Little Bit of Wonderful" for this honor! Alena is a long time friend and fellow writing enthusiast. She's artsy and crafty, quite original, and has impeccable taste, so ya'll should head over and give her some blog attention. Follow this chica if you're not already!

In keeping with the rules for accepting this award, here are seven random facts about my stylish self, and a list of ten people I think should also receive this award.

Random Facts:
1. I have an inordinate love of pasta and would have it for dinner every night if I were not committed to a [semi] balanced diet.
2. just discovered how wonderful Ebay is.
3, I speak a little bit of French. I hope to learn more and be able to speak it semi-fluently someday.
4. I love reading and writing hand-written letters. 
5. I am a crazy note-taker. I fill notebooks, reams of post-it notes, every corner of the white board on my fridge, the palm of my hand,--with random notes. I'll open a book I haven't picked up in awhile, and find three or four crumpled papers inside with my handwriting on them. What can I say? I have a terrible short term memory!
6. I love black and white photos. I like them better than colored photos.
7. I think they should put women's faces on more of our U.S. currency.

Aaaanndd---*drumroll please*--Here are the ten bloggers I think should recieve the Stylish Blogger Award.

"Jillsmo" at "Yeah. Good Times"
Valerie over at "Life 4 Me by Me"
Michelle over at "Papoe"
That lovely lady blogging at "Color Me a Happy Me."
Claudsy over at "Claudsy's Caliope"
Tina, blogging at "Mommy is Teething"
Hannah, at "Some Thoughts on Life."

There ya have it! Now all you stylish lady bloggers, tell us something about yourself and go find more stylish blogging vixens to show the love!


  1. I'm glad you like!! :) Thanks for the great plug, you're a doll *hugs*

  2. What a sweetheart! Thanks for the link and shout out!

  3. Hand-written letters make me swoon. I'm right there with you.

    Thank you so much - I'm humbled.

  4. Oh my god, KLZ. I totally screwed up your initials in this blog post. I'm so sorry! I shall amend it pronto! Lol!

  5. OMG thank you!! You are so awesome!!!



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