Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Childrens Fiction: "One Pelican at a Time."

Today I read about an exciting new book that will be released sometime in the next month or so. It's a childrens' book, with a very important message.

Nancy Stewart, a Gaurdian Angel Publications author is launching a new childrens book series that follows the adventures of two little girls, named Bella and Britt, with this first work entitled, One Pelican at a Time. The heroines in the story embark on an adventure to save one particular Pelican after the Horizon Deepwater Spill of 2010, and as the narrative progresses, they save many other birds from peril.

I'm excited about Nancy Steward's new book, and the other forthcoming books in the Bella and Britt series (other titles include "Bella Saves the Beach" and "Sea Turtle Summer") because they are so environmentally conscious and mindful that today's young people are the ones who will inherit our responsibility to work toward sustainability and a healthy planet. Protecting the environment for ourselves and for all creatures is something young people can actively seek to understand--and they CAN make a difference!

All you Mom's out there? You're gonna wanna get on this one!


  1. I will keep this in mind! Good review.

  2. Many thanks for your post about One Pelican at a Time! I'm very excited about the book, and it should be published soon.

    (By the way, I tried to send you a private thank you but couldn't get through to your email address.)

    That doesn't, though, diminish my gratitude for your having featured Pelican on your terrific blog site!

  3. Nancy, you're more than welcome! It's a great project! Keep up the good work!

    Thank you for bringing the e.mail adress difficulty to my attention. I will have to check up on that.

  4. Hey Laura! Thanks so much for the lovely comments on my recent blog post. Made my day.

    I've come to the conclusion that no day is wasted, even if we just stare at the wall and hope that the words will come. Eventually they will, and perhaps staring at the wall actually did help them along.

    Or, as in your case, writing a poem about a spotted owl.

    I didn't know you wrote poetry! You should post some of it one here sometimes.

    I can't wait till you finish your book because I simply love your writing style.

    Ladaisi Blog

  5. Thanks Lauren! I need that encouraging nudge from time to time!

    I've designated thursday evening to the damn thing (the novel)and if a little bit of red wine is involved, well...I invoke Earnest Hemingway on that one!

  6. I hadn't heard of this...thanks for bringing it up!

  7. Great book review, Lou! :) I have a question about it, actually; is it preachy? I am all for saving the planet, but I really hate preachy stuff on any subject. It sounds great, though, and I'll have to try and find a copy! :)

    By the way, darlin' girl, I just awarded you a bloggy award. Stop by my blog and pick it up! :)



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