Monday, January 24, 2011

Witch is Dorothy

Every year at my school (Southern Oregon University) the faculty sit down and decide on a "theme" that will be the topic of various on-campus events and structured dialog between faculty and students. Last year, the theme was "Democracy in America," and brown bag discussions were held on Alexis De Toqueville and that great work of his. This year the them is a little less concrete, though it is a fascinatign area of inquiry, nonetheless. This year's theme is "What it means to be Human." From what I can tell, the discussions have to do specifically with the "surrealism of being human." I've been meaning to get involved for a while, buuttt...I'm not that fast on the extra-curricular uptake. Now, however, I have an opportunity to get involved--from my couch. And guess what? It's something YOU all can get involved with, also. From YOUR couches!

"Witch is Dorothy" is a student journal that is accepting submissions of short fiction and nonfiction, poetry, visual poetry, art, and photography. They're looking for work that deals with the surrealism of being human, and winners will be published in the very first issue of Witch is Dorothy. Anybody, sitting on any couch anywhere can submit! And why not? It's an opportunity to write, possibly get published, and support the students at Southern Oregon University who are heading up this little project. For offical contest guidelines, go HERE!

Dorothy, Witch Slayer?

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  1. Awesome, I'll have to look into it! :) Thanks for sharing!



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