Tuesday, March 8, 2011

International Women's Day, March 8th 2011

Oh my goodness, between final exams and mucho papers to write (it's finals week, folks. And I've survived so far) I haven't been keeping up on all things writerly in the news. I almost missed this opportunity to blog about International Women's Day--but didn't! There's still some valuable blog reading time in the day, so let me tell what this is about.

International Women's Day is a day to recognize the achievements of women in all professions, worldwide. The SheWrites staff over at shewrites.com is taking this day to support women writers of all nationalities, and to recognize that both here and abroad women often get a short shrift when it comes to opportunities to develop their craft and get their work out there.She Writes is asking all women to speak out. If you know a woman who has achieved something great or is pouring her energy into her creative work, if you know a woman who is an activist, is an interpreter of our times, give them a big shout out before today is over. (Hell, give them a shout out, tomorrow, the next day--or any time!) Let the women in your life know that you appreciate their work.

"men review more books, more books by men are reviewed, and more bylines by men are featured in every single major literary publication in the United States. And in many places worldwide, women aren't permitted to learn to write, much less to publish." SheWrites

We all know some amazing women in our own communities. For a look beyond, check out the Afghan Women's Writing Project. Here are some truly exceptional women, working and writing to empower women in very difficult circumstances. Women mentors in this project are journalists, essayists, poets, novelists, memoir-writers, and screenwriters. Here's a shout out to them! They rock!

The ladies over at She Writes would love to know what you're doing to recognize these women. If you're a writer, blogger, a patron of women's work, or just an appreciative friend of a wonderful women, update your status post over at She Writes (if you don't have an account, its a great place to meet women writers, and its easy to sign up!) or tweet #SWSO (She Writes Shout Out) on Twitter!



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