Monday, March 7, 2011

Storyboarding--or not?

I recently heard a discussion about storyboarding, as a means of organizing your short story or novel, and I got excited. I love storyboards, mostly because I'm a visual learner and when something is presented to me in a visual way, I usually retain it more completely than I would otherwise. The thing is, I actually haven't done a lot of storyboading, as such. I'm more of an outliner, myself. So, what I think of as "storyboards" are probably a lot more like timelines. It's still visual, but not pictorial. Does it still count?

You've all seen the plot structure formula, I'm sure...

Well, my storyboards outlines storyboards are kinda like that, only I put in a whole lot more detail. Sometimes, it's just notes attached to the main story/event line with arrows and scribbly things. It looks more like...


This. Ha.
Actually, this picture really cracks me up. I borrowed it from Mike Flacy's consumer electronics and social media blog. It's a timeline of the show Lost. Supposedly.

So yeah, for me, outlining is synonymous with storyboarding. I'm co-opting the term "storyboard," 'cause it sounds cool, and there is that visual kind of thing going on.

Do you storyboard? What do your's look like?

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  1. I so tried to story board. I started to. I got lost in all of it. I mapped out the main story line then argued with myself as to if the sub plots should be represented on the story board. I settled the argument by making a second, third and forth story board for all of the side stories. Then I struggled with how they fit together. It is a lot like putting together a puzzle with out a picture to look at.



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