Monday, March 14, 2011

Sweet Memes

Yesterday I recieved a bloggy award! My good friend Alena, over at Little Bit of Wonderful passed this on to me!

Here's how it works: recipients of this award must post five random facts about herself, before tagging five other bloggers she thinks should also receive the incredibly sweet blog award. So, here goes...

1. My husband and I just bought a grain mill. The kind where you pour whole wheat berries in, and crank with all your might until flour comes out. I'm ecstatic. For a long time now, Neal and I have dreamed of living green and organic, and becoming self sufficient. Someday we want to own property big enough to have a sizable garden and some goats and chickens. I want to make my own cheese and shit! But, for now, I'll 
happily grind my own flour.

shitty cell phone pic.

2. I love Mexican food. Especially enchiladas. In fact talking about enchiladas is giving me a craving right now. I also love chips and hot habanero salsa. Recently, my husband and I went out to a new Mexican place in town. After polishing off all the chips and most of the small dish of salsa, the waiter wisked off and brought us a new basket of chips and more salsa. Just like that. We didn't even have to ask! So....yeah. Kinda silly. But I loves me some Mexican food.


3. I love wearing pearls. What girl doesn't? 

4. The coolest vacation I ever took was to the Redwood and Sequoia national forests on the California coast. Those forests are like a cathedral, so gorgeous, so primeval. Last term, I took a sociology class called "People and Forests." The course discussed our federal, state, and private forest lands, and the values that society places on them. It taught me a lot about environmental efforts to preserve and restore our forest lands. Now, I want to revisit those national forests on the coast.


5. I love journaling. I have a collection that has built up over the years, since I starting keeping a journal at the age of thirteen. Journaling helps me make sense of the everyday stuff that goes on in my head and in my immediate environment, and it helps me hone my craft. The picture below is of my favorite corner of my bedroom. Vintage piggy bank (which doesn't contain any change--the enormous jar to the right is the "real" bank!) jewelry box, miscelany, said journal collection in the shelf below, collection of Poetry Magazine on the next shelf, and so on!

Alrighty then! Now it's time to spread the meme! Five incredibly sweet bloggers are as follows!

1.Adrian, over at The Mother Centurion
2. Colie, blogging at The Colie Chronicles
3. Abbi, at River of Words
4. Taylor, over at Penned by Taylor
5. Debby, blogging over at Live in Lavender Love


  1. Congrats on the award! Your grain mill is so cool! :D

  2. You are so sweet! I was surprised to see myself on the list, THANKS Lady!!! I also enjoy learning random things about people:-)

  3. congrats on the award Laura! I don't know if you know this already but I actually gave you an award myself about a week ago haha.

  4. Congratulations on your award!
    You made me so hungry for Mexican food, I love it too and I'm craving it now after reading your post. :D

  5. Diego, how awesome! So weird that I missed that! I'll have to run over and check it out!

    Thanks everybody!

  6. Aww Thanks Laura for tagging me!!
    I had a pearl necklace and one day I pulled it apart and broke it out of anger. One of my few regrets.
    I'll try to do this tag soon ^_^.

  7. I so glad you liked it! :) It's weird - at home, I rarely eat chips or salsa, but whenever they're served at Mexican restaurants, I can't get enough! :P Have you ever tried mango salsa? Good stuff :)

  8. Laura!! You have the coolest things!! I am so proud of my award and was so happy to share it. Thank you woman! You landed on my list of 5 as well!

  9. Adrian, you're so welcome! Thanks for the tag-back!



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