Sunday, March 13, 2011

Thoughts and Prayers for Japan

See the button over there? --------------------------->
The one that says "join the relief efforts?"

Clicking on that button will take you to Paypal's donation page for the relief efforts going toward earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan.

The American Red Cross, Global Living, Save the Children, and the Hands On network are working hard in the relief effort, and are encouraging anybody and everybody to either donate themselves or encourage those who can to do so.  The earthquake and tsunami has destroyed much of the eastern coast of Japan, has taken hundreds of lives, and is threatening the livelihoods of thousands more. Please click on the button in the right sidebar to make a donation,


1. Follow this blog. For each of the first 25 new followers at Literary Legs, I will donate $1.00. 
2. Encourage your family and friends to donate. On Twitter, tweet #sxswcares or #sxsw4japan
3. Write your own blog post about it!


  1. You're doing a lovely, lovely thing here.

  2. This is very kind of you. I lived in Sendai for two years and have many friends there. I am donating in my own way directly. I just heard from one of my closest friends in Sendai after 5 days with no word. The bike path I rode my bike on along with the fields and houses below are all gone. It has been hard because I have a connection to this place in particular. Thanks for your efforts.

  3. I've put the link up (to the donation page) on my NEWS REEL - top of my blog page and donated. I Tweeted the recommended phrase too. I'm already following you. What else? Shah .X

  4. Thanks ladies!Shah, you've done it all! I really appreciate it!



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