Sunday, July 24, 2011

Social Media = Social Good; Project 18

It’s time to make like superheros. Put your underpants on the outside – we’ve got a freakin’ world to save.”~ Cate Bolt, Project 18 President

I recently stumbled upon a new blog via The Red Dress Club's Weekend Link-up. The blog belongs to a mommy-blogger named Alison, who blogs over at Mama Wants This, and who, by her own admission, is "over-social-medialized." Being over-social-medialized is NOT a bad thing, especially when real social good is happening--and Alison is makin' it happen.

Alison drew my attention to a wonderful, non-profit organization, based out of Queensland, Australia, called Project 18, which is dedicated to furthering education, employment, and social enlightenment across the globe. The fund-raising is community based--physically and digitally. One branch of this effort is "Heart for Art," a project that aims to give underprivileged children a sense of a global community that is on their side.  Project 18 is asking for YOUR help in the Heart for Art endeavor! How does it work? It's simple: draw something, paint something, or craft something. (Most of the children cannot speak or read English, so letters will not do much good.) Whatever you create, make it colorful and cheerful and infuse it with the love these kids need so much. Then send it to:

Lerner Farrington
Attn: Heart For Art
18 Suffolk Rd.
Lincoln, LN1 2 UG


Or, if you prefer, send to:

Cate Bolt
Attn: Heart For Art
PO Box 239
Glass House Mountains, Qld 4518

There are other ways you can help as well:

If you would like more information or has any questions, please email

Also check out what these bloggers have written about the Heart for Art project:

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