Tuesday, March 6, 2012

February Faves

Hey all, it's a little bit late in coming, but HERE is my faves for February! I didn't include a "not faves" this time. There were some low points, but I'm going to focus on the positive for now!

Starting from the top, left to right: 1.) Yes, that's an ultrasound picture. We made a lima bean!!! Unfortunately for quality picture purposes, this was taken at about 6 weeks; a little too soon to get much of an image. Nonetheless, "it" is there! 2.) I have a love affair with hats. This one is my favorite. 3.) Remember the post about Jose's handcrafted pets? Here they are! I love 'em! 4.) Finding old poems stashed away and revisiting them is so much fun! Great to see how I've grown as a writer through the years! 5.) I'm reading this great book entitled Nimo's War, Emma's War; Making Feminist Sense of the Iraq War. It's intense. And wonderful. 6.) Good friends. This is Josh, with the rugrat that is our Kitty. 7.) Found this on Pinterest. What else? 8.) Zadie Smith. She's been a favorite author ever since I read White Teeth, her first novel. So great. 9.) The Vagina Monologues. They happen on campuses nationwide around February or March. They get better every year.

Sorry...some of the pics wouldn't allign properly. I'll work on being less lazy about that in the future. ;)

What were YOUR favorite February moments??


  1. I adore your list! Plus, you're so funny ... congratulations on your little lima bean-hopeful human. Reminds me a quote from some movie wherein a parent gets asked the usual "boy or girl?" and replies with "gosh I hope so."

    You're so brave to wear hats, but they really suit you. I always want to buy them and then they sit in a closet.

  2. Those nails are the bomb!! :) And I agree with Lauren, you make hats look good ;)

  3. Lima bean! Congrats :)

    And I have to agree with Alena on those nerd nails being bomb-like. A very awesome list all around though! (but I will say that finding old poems of mine would make me cringe more than anything)

  4. Thanks peeps!

    Diego, yes, there were some of those old poems that did make me cringe, but it was great to see how far I've really come, ya know? And also how my aesthetic has changed.



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