Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Inducted into Domestic Goddess-hood.

If I know anything about SEO, the above blog post title is probably the easiest way NOT to garner pageviews. Or maybe it is the best way. I get confused...

Either way, the above title speaks truth. I have indeed been inducted into domestic goddess-hood. As I've probably mentioned 1,000  several times, I have a lot of time on my hands nowadays. While unemployment has made me a little stir crazy at times, I have tried to stay busy at home. I clean my house. I water my yard and my garden. I rearrange furniture. I make shopping lists and create menu plans. I also plot daring projects. These are plots, which, if you had told me I'd be plotting them a few years ago, would probably have made me laugh...In your face... For a long time... Until you slapped me.

Anyway...projects. Like diapers.

Yes, I'm making me some diapers. Like, from pieces of fabric. On a sewing machine. And ya know what? I'm actually ENJOYING it! I even took pictures. Observe:

Lenny the Sheep models the perfect prefold diaper, created by your's truly. ;)
So you see? I'm enjoying my solitary days at home. I'm "nesting," craftily. I'm not content with diapers, though...

Today, I found a site called Taffy Talk, and I am now bound and determined to make me a baby quilt. Yes, as if making my own cloth diapers were not crunchy enough, I am now delving recklessly into the world of quilting. The quilt I want to make seems pretty easy; I mean, it's called "Speedy Baby," for goodness sake. It better be speedy. Anyway, my sister, who is the quilting QUEEN, can probably help if I get into a tangle. Unlikely for a domestic goddess, but...good to cover all one's bases, right?

The quilt should look something like this when I'm done:

I'll let you know how it goes. Ha. And if I don't let you know, you'll know all the same.

In the meantime...it's good to be goddess.


  1. I adore you, you know that?? :) Can't wait to see pictures of your quilt. Also, I evidently need to read up on SEO as I have NO idea what you're talking about, LOL :P

  2. I was going to mention when you asked about quilting. Check and see if you have any quilt shops in your area. They can be a huge help as well.
    Getting to know ladies at my local quilt shop has helped me learn in leaps and bounds about quilting.
    (And by quilt shop, I'm not talking JoAnn's -- find an acual quilting store)!!

    Can't wait to see how your quilt turns out!!

  3. Thanks, ladies! Alena, SEO stands for "search engine optimization." Knowing a thing or two about SEO means you know a thing or two about composing good "likely-to-be-searched-for" titles and inserting highly searched for keywords into your posts. That's my understanding anyway. I'm no expert. :)

    Justine, I think we have a couple quilt shops around here. I literally know next to nothing about...well, anything sewing related. In fact, it's really embarrassing shopping at joannes. But I'm learning. Hilariously, it's Neal who has been a big help, here. HE has sewn a lot clothing/blankets/misc. in his day. He even embroidered one of his shirts. EMBROIDERED IT. Like, with a needle and thread and a wooden hoop. Flowers and butterflies. I'm not kidding. *stares*

    Anyway! I'll look into the shops and see what I can find out!



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