Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer of Sight Giveaway

Hey everybody, I just found out about something special going on at one of my favorite brand name stores. TOMS, a company well-known for their adorable and versatile shoes and also, notably, for their ongoing humanitarian work. TOMS is now selling eyewear!! Incredibly fashionable eyewear, too! Not only that, but for every pair of sunglasses TOMS sells, they give one pair of vision-resoring eye-glasses to a child in need! Already, TOMS has given 60,824 pairs of glasses to kids all over the world!

What should you do?

1.) Follow the link above to choose from a wide variety of shades for purchase!


2.) Head on over to my friend Emily's blog, Fate from 5'8" and fill out the rafflecopter form you'll find there to be entered to WIN A PAIR of TOMS sunglasses! (And I do mean NOW, because the giveaway ends in just 2 days!)

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