Friday, July 13, 2012

Page Family Maternity Shoot

A few weeks back, I decided that I needed some decent maternity pictures. I can't really afford to go the professional route, but my hubby is pretty good with a 35mm camera and a tripod, so...we bought ourselves a couple rolls of film and headed out to beautiful Lithia Park in Ashland, Oregon.

When I travel up to Idaho next month, I'll see my sister who is actually an art major in photography. She takes PHENOMENAL pictures and portraits and has agreed to take more maternity photos for me then. It's too bad she isn't closer, though, because Neal won't be with me on this next trip and therefore won't get to be in the really good photos my sis will take (the primary reason we decided to strike out and take some of our own first). While some of this first bunch of photos didn't exactly turn out the way we'd hoped, a lot of them did turn out beautifully. I've posted the one's we really like below. They're not pro, but not bad either!

*I'm about 23 weeks along in these photos.*

There ya have it. The first Page family maternity shoot. I'll post more pics when I have them. Have a blessed day!

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