Monday, July 16, 2012

Quilting Queen

Hey people, guess what?! I made a quilt!! Just like I said I would! And I must say, it's an addicting hobby. I had so much fun, I'm working on another one. Here are the pics from the first!

My pics are blurry...but you see, it was a success! I'm super pleased. This blankie will be perfect in my baby boy's nursery!


  1. Wow! I'm impressed with you're ability to pick out colors! That's the hardest part for me.
    The quilt looks great! You did awesome! No one would ever know this is your first quilt! :)

  2. That is totally awesome! You're so productive in your nesting stage ... all I did was clean my house repeatedly like some kind of maniac.

  3. Thanks, Justine! That means a lot coming from you! I love the picking out colors stage! It's my favorite part, I think, and that's funny because it actually doesn't have anything to do with quilting itself! Ha.

    Lauren, I am doing a lot of things BESIDES cleaning my house. It's sad. Most of the house looks great most of the time, but the nursery is a disaster, because it's currently a hobby/junk/storage room. And until I can recruit bigger stronger people (i.e. my hubs and a friend or two) to help clear it out and get it in presentable shape, I'm stuck. It is causing me some anxiety, though. C'mon boys, get in there!!!



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