Friday, August 3, 2012

You're Invited!


I'm a pretty spoiled mama. Ya know why? Because today a very good friend of mine is launching a virtual baby shower for me! And you're all invited!

Here's the thing. Many of my friends and loved ones live far away. They're scattered all over the country. A few of them even live OUTSIDE the country. When it comes to events like showers, it's just not possible for those people to visit in person.

But! Enter the world wide interweb and the era of social networking!

A virtual shower is a shower event hosted at a specific site online. It's interactive. And guests can arrive anytime they please, as if it were an open house! There's the usual things: a guestbook to sign, a couple games to play... There's also a few extras unique to the virtual setting.

So please go check it out! You're ALL invited! I would love to see all your names in the guestbook!

Click HERE to attend
Laura's Virtual Baby Shower!

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