Monday, September 17, 2012

The Liebster Award


So my friend Lauren from Ladaisi, tagged me in an internet meme thingy! I know I just posted something like, two days ago. I know that even during good blogging intervals I only post once or twice a week at most. I know it's freaking 4:30 a.m. BUT--I'm up and I just stuffed three cookies into my face. Why not post? And hey--it's all just Q&A. I don't have to make up anything!

Here's how The Liebster Award works: 1. Tell your bloggy people eleven things about yourself. 2. Answer some questions. 3. Tag a few other bloggy people (no back tagging).

First, my 11 things.

1. I really suck at talking about myself. Hence, this list will be incredibly random and probably not very interesting. Sorry.

2. I'm an avid reader. But I'm supremely picky. If I'm not "into" a book by the first 50 pages, it's kind of a miracle if I finish it. One exception to that general rule was A Tale of Two Cities. When I was 14 or 15, a girl I knew told me that I shouldn't attempt that book, because I wouldn't be able to get through the middle part, which she said was very slow. For some reason, somebody telling me I wouldn't/couldn't do it just made me determined to do it. So I read the novel. And I loved it. Lesson learned? Not so much.

3. My husband and I eloped. We got married on a monday afternoon in a courthouse in rural Eastern Oregon. There were like five people there. It was perfect.

4. I've kept a journal since I was 13 years old. Like, in pretty notebooks. I don't know of anybody who is not still going through puberty who still does this. I think I'm kind of a relic of the past in this way.

5. I'm kind of a hypochondriac, but I hate, hate, hate doctor's offices. Instead, I torture myself by self-diagnosing all my imaginary illnesses on Web MD. This is kind of a problem.

6. I say "kind of" a lot. This annoys me. I should stop.

7. I'm a feminist, because I believe woman are human beings deserving of all the rights and privileges that belong to the other half of the human population, NOT because I hate men and think women should rule the world and somehow enslave men. Well, okay, maybe the ruling the world part. But still. When I go to grad school, I plan on doing a combined study of gender and literary theory;

8. I have wanderlust. I want to travel to faraway places and see things, but I haven't gone anywhere far away, ever. I've never traveled outside North America and Montana is the farthest east I've ever been. This makes me sad. The other day, the hubs got a wild hair and decided he wanted to become a shipwright, which would necessitate moving to Rhode Island, so he could go to shipwright school. That won't happen. But part of me wishes it might?

9. I love to cook and like to think I've gotten pretty darn good at it. At least I enjoy eating most things that I make. I'm also following like 18,000 food blogs and pinterest boards. Most recently, I made THESE!

10. I used to want to be an interior designer. But then I realized that it would be a huge bummer to design other people's homes. Instead, I think we should just buy five houses so I can design, design, design. Ha.

11. I'm a music culture illiterate. It can be embarrassing at times, because I'll often know a certain song, but can't identify the band or the singer. This is true, whether the song is a hit from the 80's or topping the charts right now. I'm the type of person who finds three or four bands/artists she likes and  listens to them, almost exclusively, for years on end, until somebody forces me to listen to something else. 

Lauren's Questions:

1. If I moved to your town, what are the top five tips you'd give me? I live in Ashland, Oregon. People my age who live here usually came here from elsewhere. It's a college town, after all. The people who have lived here forever are, well, special people. Some people call them yuppies. Some people call them "entitled." For the most part, it's true. Number one tip: take it in stride. Other tips:  2.) If you like wine, consider becoming wine club members at some of the wineries in this region. ALL of them are amazing. 3.) Visit the Oregon Shakespeare Festival at least once a year. Great talent! 4.) Take advantage of all the outdoorsy things to do in this region. 5.)  Avoid Medford.

2 Describe your favorite outfit (yours or wish list).  Here, I'll show you a picture. I wish I owned this outfit.

3. Tell me about your happy place. Recently, my happy place has been sunday morning breakfasts in bed with the hubby. He works six days a week, and has sunday off. We sleep in ridiculously late on sunday and then drink multiple cups of coffee under the covers. It's lovely.

4. If next month only had one month, which would you choose? 365 days of...? October. I love Southern Oregon's sunshiny-but-crisp fall days. And all the lovely colors!

5. A perfect day would look like? A perfect day would be a day spent with friends, going somewhere fun and/or beautiful I've never been to before. It would probably end with a good bottle of wine.

6. You won an unlimited gift card to any store. Which do you choose? Tough one! Probably Nordstrom's or J. Crew or someplace similiar.

7. You can only keep 10 things. What are they? Loved ones and pets don't count, right? 1. A favorite book 2. my journal 3. the quilt my sister made for my son, Silas. 4. a favorite outfit 5. The pearls my husband gave me for Christmas last year 6. Houseplants 7. My dining room table 8. My piano 9. my roadbike 10. my iPhone.

8. If you were a character in a novel, who would you be? This changes all the time. I think I'd be Ursula, in Gabriel Garcia Marquez' novel One Hundred Years of Solitude. She lives to be 120 years old, but never loses her intuition, youtfulness, wisdom. Also, she's funny as hell.

9.What is your ideal job? I'd teach Literary Theory and Women's studies at the university level. It's my dream.

10. What is the first song that comes to mind? This one:


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  1. Ah, thanks for tagging me! :) If my daughter ever goes to sleep, I'll get to work.

    I wish I was a pretty journal kinda girl, but I am so picky about my handwriting it just doesn't work for me. I used to keep a typed journal, and really should get back to that...

    That outfit would look lovely on you :)

  2. Oh, so...what questions should I answer? I thought this meme had new questions...? :)

  3. OOOPSS! Yeah, I didn't include questions like I was supposed to. I'll get on that. Pregnancy brain!

    1. I know you're not feeling super well right now - would you like me to just answer Lauren's questions?

    2. Hey hun :) I went ahead and used the questions you answered. Here's my post <3



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