Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Yeah, the place looks different again. Sorry, I'm just really picky and indecisive about the look and feel of this blog now that I've decided to change it up. I promise I'll slow 'er down and not do too much more to this thing.

Carry on!


  1. It's a nice design :) I like the header, though the background is kinda like one of those things that move when you don't look right at them, lol (probably just me) :p

  2. I go through these 'change the blog' phases ... so I change something minor and then drive myself crazy trying to decide if I like it, and then forget what I did in the first place, lol. You are not alone in indecisiveness regarding blog layout.

    I think it's kind of an expression of who we are on the internet - like, an outfit, almost .... if that makes any sense at all.



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