Monday, October 8, 2012

T-Minus 3 Days.

I read somewhere that a woman should try a little "reverse pschycology" on herself in the last few days of her pregnancy. Start a time-consuming project? Convince herself  that D-day isn't for another two weeks? Etcetera. It's now come down to 3 days till due date and I'm just hoping for a baby this week. Like, really hoping for a baby. Because seriously, folks? The belly seems to have picked up momentum and seems a little further out every day. And I've had everything "set up" for awhile now. All nesting projects complete, people!

I've already googled "self-inducing labor" and tried a few things. Nada. I said I wouldn't be this woman, but clearly, I need to remind myself that baby's come when THEY feel like coming. And I have nothing to be concerned about for at least another couple weeks.

I just wanna meet him! So I stare at this picture...

And talk to him a little. And I go back and rearrange all his cute little blankets and decide on a different outfit to dress him in after delivery. And troll Amazon for more baby stuff I don't need and can't afford! First time mommy-to-be stuff, right?

Moms! What did YOU do in the last weeks/days/hours before your baby arrived? Distract me from this waiting game, please!


  1. I think I repacked my hospital bag about 10 times, lol :P You know my stories, so I won't repeat them. Love you :)

  2. Congrats you beautiful new mama!

  3. I checked and double checked everything I could possibly prepare early. And cleaned!



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