Friday, November 9, 2012

Taking Care of Mommy and Baby

This week, Silas will be one month old! It's frightening how fast time flies.

Life is so different now. So, so different. I love this kiddo more than I could even imagine was possible! I'd say that probably 85% of the conversations that occur around our house involve or concern Silas.We have so many hopes and dreams for this little boy.

Other conversations, usually initiated by me, have to do with getting my pre-baby body back. I mean, it's been a month folks! I know every new mom has this concern (well, except for those little shits who fit into their pre-prego skinny jeans three minutes after giving birth, but we'll just pretend those women don't exist) and I'm no differnt.


There's a lot to consider when taking the initial steps towards getting your pre-prego body back. The usual hit the gym hard routine just doesn't work. I've got to think about: letting my body make a full recovery after childbirth, breastfeeding and getting the necessary calories to sustain both myself and baby, and of course, time.

I am extremely fortunate to have a husband who is also my best friend and partner in life. He was right there alongside me during my pregnancy, reading articles, learning about natural childbirth, offering advice and support. He continues to read and think with me now that I'm working on maintaining my health and body after baby. See this article It definitely helps that my husband is also very well versed in health and fitness (and one of the most physically fit people I know. He sometimes cycles 30 miles in a day, commuting to work!). His input on my post-partum weight goals has helped tremendously.  He's the one who has urged me to:

  • Get rest. Keep my energy up. Multiple nightly feedings can take a toll, so I should get in a nap whenever possible, says he. I'm all to happy to oblige on this particular point. :)
  • Eat more. Yes, counter-intuitive as it may seem, the more calories go in, the faster theyr'e burned while breastfeeding, and the less likely your body will try to hold on to fat stores that it thinks it needs to sustain baby when your calorie intake is decreased. I don't like to hear that I should be eating MORE, especially when the pounds don't seem to be melting away fast enough. But slow and steady makes for healthy weight loss and a healthy mom and son. Says he.
  • Exercise lightly. Yoga. Walking. Housework. All are great ways to stay active, again, without overdoing it. In the first couple months, light to moderate exercise is best, to avoid complications with recovery. Again, I don't like to hear "take it easy." I wanna plunge into my old cardio/strength routines that I so shamefullly didn't keep up the last half of my pregnancy. But again, I'm going slow. Doing this thing right. I'll work up to that old cardio regiment.

I mentioned time. It turns out that having a baby less than a month old takes a pretty big chunk out of the day. I can't just pop Jillian Michaels into the player and workout anymore. That's another reason walks and housework are the primary ways I stay active. And even those things only seem possible when baby-wearing. My baby bjorn and moby wrap are lifesavers.

I'm curious. What did YOU do to get your body back after baby? What tips and tricks worked for you? What were your intial goals? Your game plan? Shoot me a comment!


  1. I never had a kid but I have always been fatty so I think you are spot on to rest a ton, even if that means the next 5 years are all about resting :-) It's simply in what you eat too, if you push yourself so hard right now as you are young you will see the pain catch up with you in those elderly years....TIME does that to us, be good to yourself first, now is the time to eat right and one day maybe even just 6 months from now you will wake skinny and think "MY GOD! That is more then just easy... that is a MIRACLE!" carry the peace in your soul always!

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