Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Good Vibes

Hey everybody,

As you can see, there have been some aesthetic updates to the blog, which I'm very pleased with. I hope the new layout will be more user-friendly and cohesive than the former. Please let me know how you're experiencing it. There have also been some less visible updates...

For starters, the URL of this blog has changed, to match the title. The switch-over from 'Legs' to 'Habits & Novelites' happened some time ago, but I'm only now getting around to switching over the url. It's completed now, but there are some notable inconveniences, like Alexa thinking that I'm brand new and starting from square one, etc. So if you're looking for Alexa stats, it might take a little time.  I'm kind of a noob when it comes to syncing everything, so if you have advice or know something I don't, shoot me a comment? :)

And, if I may be bold... If you're a reader of Habits & Novelties and enjoy the blog, would you consider writing me up a little review. It's fast and easy and would help me out tremendously. Here's the place to do it!

Note also the new social media icons off your right in the sidebar! Can I just say--?I 'm very proud of those! They will direct you to all my stuff on the interwebz, including the 'E' button--which goes to the Habits & Novelties Etsy shop. You're welcome!

I think that's about it. Just wanted to give you all the run-down and petition you for good vibes here! Thanks in advance, lovelies!

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous, I love the new look!! ♥ Dang, girl, you're making me want to overhaul my blog, now...

    If I think of anything else for Alexa or other stats recovery, I'll let you know, but I think I told you everything I know. If you pick up any new tips, I'd love to hear them, too!

    One thing I will pass on, that I learned how to do a while back and LOVE, is how to center items in your sidebar (or anywhere, with HTML). You simply put < center > in front of what you want centered, then < /center > at the end (no spaces). Voila! I noticed your PR widget is to one side (which does not look bad or anything), so thought I'd pass it on.

    Congrats on the new sponsor in Thyme Maternity, by the way. I can't wait to see your review for them!



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