Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Thyme Maternity® is Having a Sale!

Question: how many of you expecting and/or nursing moms out there find it difficult to find maternity options that are stylish, functional, AND won't break the bank? When it comes to maternity things, I think a lot of companies know you don't have many options for coving that bump, so they price their wares at a premium. All those pre-pregnancy clothes you loved are hanging in the back of the closet, dead to you, and cost aside, sometimes maternity tops make you feel like you're wearing a tent!

What about nursing? You know you're a nursing mother when you choose your outfit based on how accessible your boobs are! And sometimes that's no fun.

Ladies, we need more options!

Well, options can be found, I discovered recently, from a lovely little placed called Thyme Maternity!

Here is what Thyme Maternity has to say about their mission and products:

"Thyme Maternity is more than a leading fashion retailer for pregnant women. We're an international maternity and nursing fashion brand whose family of experts is dedicated to ensuring you look and feel your absolute best throughout your entire pregnancy and after your little one is born.
Every garment is specifically designed with the pregnant body in mind, offering you comfort where you need it most.  We hold ourselves to the highest standards so you can trust us to guide you through you pregnancy with knowledge, expertise, and enthusiasm."

I've perused their wares and it's true-- Thyme does boast a whole line of fashionable, yet practically designed clothes and undergarments for pregnant and nursing ladies of all sizes! From wrap tops to cardigan ensembles that allow moms to discreetly nurse without the need for a cover, to pretty lingerie--Thyme is your place!
What's even better?
They're having a HUGE sale going on now through the end of this month. There's only a few days to get in on this, ladies, so hustle on over and check out all the options available online at Toys R Us.

Tell me: what are your biggest concerns when shopping for maternity and/or nursing gear? I'd love to hear from you!

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