Monday, August 19, 2013

A Little of This, a Little of That

Lately I've been terribly inspired to create...just haven't had the energy or a lump of time large enough to sit down and do.

It doesn't help that the internet has somehow contrived to show me every sewing/crafting/diy site of interest in the last three days. Especially this site! This gal is oh so fashionable and makes almost all of her stuff herself. Jealous!

Then there was this other site, which featured THIS POST with a DIY tutorial for recovering your infant's carseat. You know--when the fabric/design is tacky and you want something else, but don't wanna buy a whole new carseat? Yeah, that. And surprisingly, carseat cover replacements are a VERY untapped market. Lots of carseat canopies, but no covers. I suppose it's because every carseat is so different, any replacement has to be uber customized. Anywhoo, this tutorial is pretty much brilliant, because it shows you how to totally deconstruct your existed carseat cover and remake it to your own tastes! This has been added to my ever growing pile of future projects.


Le olde Etsy Shop needs some love, too. I keep trying to whip things up while my teething son is asleep. It's slow going. The good news, however, is that some very beautiful new leather in the studio and I have very exciting plans for it. Stay tuned for that.

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