Monday, August 12, 2013

Thyme Maternity®| Fashion-forward Nursing Apparel!

A couple weeks ago I posted about Thyme Maternity's nursing apparel and accessories! I hope a few of you were able to get in on that sweet sale they were having! 

Well today I'm revisiting Thyme Maternity, and showing off a couple lovelies I received from them.

This GORGEOUS Pointelle Maternity Cardigan in grey is one of the items I recieved from Thyme Maternity. It's deliciously lightweight and soft; delicate, but appropriate for casual wear. You can see that it's beautifully designed-- long and flowy, but also fitted. I especially love the contoured lace pattern along the sides and the soft ribbing along the front! This cardigan is great for nursing moms like myself, but also totally appropriate for ladies sporting a baby bump! A great selection of Thyme Maternity's apparel is available at Toys R Us. Purchase this cardigan online in this lovely heathered grey color or black for $34.98 (retail valued at $49.00).

The second item I received from Thyme Maternity was one of their signature nursing bras. I selected the All-over Lace Nursing Bra in white. It looks really great ON, but I decided to refrain from modeling it for you! This bra is beautiful! It too is more delicate than I expected it would be. The bra features comfortable soft cups (no padding or ribbing) but supportive underwire to give shape and structure. The all-over lace is feminine and pretty--something you don't always find in a nursing bra! When I first started testing this product out, I was a little concerned for the lace, as I have a 10 month old son who likes to grab and pull on things while nursing. However, this bra has stood up to the test. My son's little fingers haven't damaged or snagged the lace at all. The opening and closing clasps at the top are easy to put in and out of place quickly, and the cup lowers just enough to allow for discreet and effective nursing. This item is available at Toys R Us as well, for $39.00 and is also available in black. I think I may just splurge and purchase it in black as well! Pretty, isn't it? :)

There is a great selection of apparel and bras, as well as other nursing gear for the ladies at Thyme Maternity, so be sure to check out the rest of the finds there! 

Disclaimer: I received the items pictured above from Thyme Maternity® in exchange for honest review. The opinions stated above are my own.


  1. Very nice! It's always great to find nursing gear that doesn't LOOK like nursing gear. That sweater looks very pretty on you!

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