Sunday, October 13, 2013

Happy Birthday, Silas!'s been a whole year. That just seems so impossible, and yet there he was yesterday, with the two front teeth he cut recently, grinning, and eating birthday cake. My Silas Finnegan Page is ONE YEAR OLD!

Happy birthday, sweet boy!

This mama had been planning the birthday party for months. Well, not planning, exactly. More like day-dreaming. The event was scheduled for yesterday (his real birthday is today)--but when push came to shove, money was tight and the timing was hard for some of the would-be guests. We kept the date, and made it more of an informal get-together. I had combed Pinterest for baby boy birthday themes and menu plans, looked into party favors and decor...but, in the end, it was a hurried run to the Dollar Tree and Winco.

Ya know what, though? It was perfect.

His uncle was there and one of his little friends, named Olivia. We had birthday cake, cookies, appetizers, balloons, a birthday banner, and a few presents. No, it wouldn't rank with some of the pinstrosities you might find online, but it was fun and the kiddo had cake. To him, I think that was epic enough. :)

Those cookies, by the way? Also epic. They tasted like those sugar cookies from Lighthouse brand-- SUPER soft and pillowy! I've decided it's going to have to be my go-to recipe for all those occasions requiring colorful versions of glucose! The icing artwork job wasn't half bad, if I do say so myself! ;) Point is--they were gone in no time!

Note, too, the "smash cake" that Silas is chowing down on in this last picture... funny story with that. You see, my child isn't like most children. He doesn't particularly like getting messy. Oh, he likes using his hands, but until mommy poked the cake a little bit to show him that there was more than just frosting? He was using thumb and index finger to gingerly "pick up" bits of chocolate yumminess. He did that for a good five minutes. Once the yellow cake appeared (thanks to mum) there was a little more grabbing, but for the most part, the photo is staged. Hey-- birthday ritual, here, folks. Gimme a break!

You're our sweet, silly, fun-loving baby boy, Silas. We're looking forward to many more birthday parties in the future! 


  1. Happy birthday, Silas ♥

    The cookies are adorable, Laura. I'd love to see a tutorial with recipe!

  2. Thanks, the cookies were definitely fun! I'll post the recipe soon! It's from my trusty "Taste of Home" cookbook! :)



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