Sunday, October 20, 2013


I don't know if it's just that time of year or that I've been a stay-at-home mom for a year now and have "grown into" the role or what...but projects and goals and plans are keeping me alive right now. That came out strange. I'm not just surviving-- I'm really thriving on doing things.  I'm having fun and focusing on me and my husband and my kids and my teeny tiny little business and my homemade holiday gifts guide and re-organizing my house and baking and...

Sweaters! I'm a little obsessed with miniature sweaters right now. This will soon as babies stop looking so darn cute in them! ;)

Worked on this sweater for Silas for about four months! It got forgotten in a basket for
 three of those months, hence the delayed gratification. But gratified I am! So pleased with 
the way this turned out!

*Justine, if you're reading this, I hope it's arrived in your mail already!*
I couldn't resist posting this latest project--a gift for my sweet 3 month old niece, Esther!
This cute little hooded cardigan gave me an opportunity to learn some
new techniques and was just super fun to boot! The buttons
are hand painted, too!

It's not just sweater knitting! Last week was our annual jelly making day! Grapes were
picked straight off our wild concord grape vine out back and on my toast the next morning! 

Etsy has been good to me recently. These are a few of the orders
I shipped out over the past month.

On the agenda is deep cleaning my bedroom and craft room, finally succeeding at making salted caramels (so far, no cigar...but I'm feeling lucky and more equipped this year!), and gaining more ground on my chapbook. And, of course, knitting up another lightweigh, miniature sweater for the bun in the oven, due in early spring!


  1. The sweater on Silas is very nice, and he looks sooooo cute!! He really looks like you ♥

  2. Thanks, i get that ALLL the time, haha. Maybe this next lil one will be Neal's mini-me. :)

    1. I hear you - everyone says Serenity looks like Nick (and she does, really).



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