Sunday, November 10, 2013

What's Going On.

Once again, it's been awhile since I've posted. Let's see if I can catch ya'll up to speed...

For starters, I'm now smack dab in the middle of my second trimester, that point at which the remainder of the time left until the due date seems interminable. Also that point at which, if I choose, I can succumb to the relentless curiosity about gender and get an ultrasound. That's right, it's week 20. I won't succumb if I can help it; we've tentatively decided to let it be a surprise, but I won't lie...part of me really wants to know NOW! And this mama wants a girl!! I can't help it--I just see PINK! If it turns out that we've got a little brother for Silas, I will love that kiddo as much as I would a daughter, but while it's a big question, I'm crossing my fingers. And toes...


...And buying girl clothes. Oh yes, people, it's bad. I could say it's intuition, but really? This is the woman who thought she was having a girl the first time. Nope. Hey, I buy a few cute things for girlies, and the worst case scenario is that I have super darling baby gifts for others at some point, right?

Other random pregnancy things: I'm huge. Or I feel huge. Rotund, really. But it's all belly. I've gained literally half the amount of weight I had gained with Silas at this point, but the belly is definitely growing at a faster rate. And all I want to eat is sweets. I thought I had a sweet tooth with Silas, but this blows it out of the water. I had to make a trip to the mart the other night because I couldn't stop thinking about caramels. In my defense, I'd been thinking about them for about 3 days.

What else??

  • Well, the holidays have me excited. We decided to get a tree this year. We rent, and our living room is dinky and crowded with our stuff, but this has been the excuse for four years now and I'm just not willing to let another Christmas go by without a tree! So we'll shuffle things around and make it work. Plus, Silas needs these memories.
  • I'm going to be taking on a seasonal job for the month of December, at Harry & David's. I'll be in the call center, doing data entry and that kind of thing. Sitting on my butt, which is a good thing, because I'm already getting some really uncomfortable aches and pains in my back and pelvis with this lil bun. It'll be extra holiday dough, we figured. Or it'll go into savings. Ha. Savings...what a concept! 
  • The Fredericksburg Literary Review has released a print-on-demand print version of their first issue and it's available through CreateSpace. Of course I ordered mine as soon I was able. I can't wait to see my poem in print--it's beyond exciting! See how you can order your own copy by clicking on the link. The book is $8 plus a small shipping fee.

And I guess that's about it. Just living and loving and writing about it along the way. :)

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